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Posted August 6th, 2021

Research shows that most sales training programs across all industries concentrate on product, industry, and competition knowledge and people skills. However, what salespeople and managers have repeatedly identified as their #1 problem is Territorial Development and Management (TDM) skills. These analytical selling skills are not taught in college and most sales training programs do not offer them. My unique TDM training program will equip your salespeople with research-based, proven-effective, analytical selling skills that will turn your salespeople into ‘Quota Busters”. In less than one day of exciting interactive training, they will learn how to maximize time and resources with accounts in their territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products by wisely developing and managing their territory. This knowledge will improve the way they sell for the rest of their working lives.  As a former territorial salesperson and Sales Training Manager for many large global companies, I have trained and motivated hundreds of salespeople to higher levels of performance by equipping them with easy-to-use, quick and accurate selling techniques based on solid research and input from dozens of successful salespeople. They can start using these skills immediately to win new business. With strategic input from you, the training will be tailored to your products and target accounts. Together, we can get your entire salesforce ‘pulling in the same direction’ which will maximize the revenue generated by your sales team. This course is unparalleled in the sales training industry. I also specialize in Solution Selling Skills and Overcoming Price/Cost Objections which salespeople hear most often on a regular basis regardless of the products they sell. Please visit my website to learn more about 21st Century Selling Skills, the performance objectives for my training programs and the benefits to your company. Feel free to contact me for more information and a no-obligation ‘Quick Quote’:

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21st Century Selling Skills Learn how to maximize time and effort with accounts in your territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products