Overcoming PRICE/COST Objections

Overcoming sales objections is a critical skill salespeople need to understand and practice. Especially, Price and Cost objections which happen so often upfront in the sales cycle. Experienced salespeople are not discouraged by these kinds of objections because they know that price and cost objections are actually 'buying signals' from the prospect. This means they have funds to buy your product but they are not yet convinced they are making the best investment. Some prospects will still use price and cost objections while signing the contract because bargaining is a natural born instinct and even though they might be satisfied with the price they are still trying to get one last discount before the deal closes. In either case, it's the salespersons' responsibility to bring down 'cost' in the buyers' mind by building 'value'. This course shows salespeople how to build value and bring down cost in the buyers mind. Salespeople will learn how to give them two-dollars worth of value for a dollar so the customer says,  'hey, I got a good deal and it didn't cost me that much!'  

In this course, salespeople will learn how to:

1. Use the PRICE/VALUE Formula to effectively overcome Price and Cost objections

2. Differentiate between Price and Cost.

3. Build complete Value in your products and bring down Cost.

4. Translate Product Features into Customer Benefits.

5. Give the customer two-dollars worth of Value for a dollar.

6. Sell the Buyer that says 'your price is too high' or 'your products cost too much.'

As I learned in my own Territorial Salesmanship experience and career, the ultimate goal of this kind of training is for salespeople to practice, develop and master this skill to the level where they are so confident in their ability to overcome these kinds of objections they actually go out looking for prospects that have 'price and cost objections' so they can overcome them and make the sale. As I remember, these were my most gratifying wins as a salesman! 

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