Objectives-Features-Benefits Selling Techniques

In the high-tech industry, especially, where salespeople are selling complex solutions with long sales cycles that provide a wide array of benefits across the company they will be selling to many executives and stake-holders with different corporate responsibilities, including:  Finance, Management, Operations, Service, Facilities, Legal, and Personnel. Therefore, it's critical salespeople understand the role of each executive and what kinds of needs they have and the benefits they are seeking with your products. Salespeople need to know how capture this information, prioritize it and select features of their products that provide those benefits and put it together into a Solution Selling Strategy. This will enable salespeople to always be talking about the most important features of your products that provide the most important benefits to known customer needs.  

At the conclusion of this half-day presentation salespeople will be able to successfully perform the following tasks:

1. List the 7 major business categories for typical Customer Objectives (Needs).

2. Identify specific Customer Objectives (Needs) within each business categories.

3. Distinguish between a Product Feature and Customer Objective (Needs).

4. Translate Product Features into corresponding Customer Benefits. 

5. Use an Objectives-Features-Benefits (OFB) Chart to collect, record and prioritize Product Features and Customer Benefits with known Customer Objectives (Needs) into a selling strategy that will help guide the salesperson through the sales cycle. 

6. Group Work: Salespeople will work in groups to practice using the OFB chart to develop a selling strategy for a Case Study of a Winning Deal (or Deals) that represents a typical sale they should be looking for in the field.  They will study each case, develop a selling strategy and present it to the class. That way each salesperson works on one case but get the benefits of selling strategies for many cases during the course. 

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