Territorial Development & Management (TDM)

The Analytical Skills Essential for Successful Salesmanship 

This rare Sales Training course was designed to show salespeople step-by-step how to maximize their time and effort with accounts in their territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products. It's important to note these selling skills and techniques are easy-to-use, quick and accurate and your salespeople can begin using them immediately to boost productivity.

Based on 50 years of rock-solid industry research and practical selling tips from some of the best salesman in the world your salespeople will learn how to:

  • Separate Real Prospects from Suspects
  • Overcoming Cost and Price Objections Effectively 
  • Determine Sales Potential (SP) for Accounts
  • Use Probability Factors (PF) to Make Wise Time-Investment Decisions
  • Qualify Accounts for Expected Value (EV)
  • Focus on Accounts that have the Highest EV
  • Determine 'Dollar Volume Limits' for Account Classifications
  • Classify Accounts Based on EV
  • Determine Call Frequencies based on Account Classifications
  • Adhere to Call Cycles to Insure Effective Coverage
  • Maximize Time and Effort with Highest-Potential Accounts
  • Design Efficient 'Cluster Routing' Patterns through a Territory
  • Avoid Many Kinds of 'High-Opportunity Cost Activities'
  • Plan Daily and Weekly Sales Calls More Effectively
  • Calculate 'Value of Time' Many Ways
  • Prioritize Accounts by ROTI (Return on Time Invested)
  • Determine and Prioritize Customer Needs
  • Develop Sales Strategies based on known Customer Needs
  • Use the Price/Value Formula to Overcome Sales Objections

Benefits to your company include:

  • Increase Sales and Profits
  • Train Salesforce to Work Smarter
  • Assure Market Coverage for Your Products
  • Improve Sales Management Effectiveness
  • Standardize Account Qualification and Classification 
  • Provide Quick, Low-Cost Sales Training In-House
  • Motivate Salesforce to a Higher-Level of Productivity
  • Turbo-Charge Salesforce and Reduce Costly Turnover
  • Gain the Competitive Edge in Your Industry

This training program will grab your attention from the beginning and provide each member of your sales team, new-hire and seasoned veteran, with a 'rare skill set' that will improve the way they sell for the rest of their working lives. Get them all 'pulling in the same direction' and maximize the impact of your sales team in their territories and your region. 

In truth, anyone who sells for a living should definitely participate in this training program. These skills are not taught in college and most sales training programs do not provide this kind of training. To learn more about this unique training program and get a 'Quick Quote' please fill out the information below and submit it so we can get the ball rolling.

Quick, Easy-to-Use, and Accurate Selling Tools

Especially Useful for High-Tech Salespeople

21st Century Selling Skills Learn how to maximize time and effort with accounts in your territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products