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Posted August 7th, 2021

Unprofitable for 7 consecutive quarters and on the brink of bankruptcy this company hired me to train their salesforce on territorial development and management skills. I quickly trained more than 100 salespeople and managers and sales revenues immediately began to soar. The company soon became very profitable and is prospering today. This success story is well documented and to prove the high positive impact this training will have on your territorial salespeople please read a testimonial from the New York Area Manager after one of the training sessions:                                                                                                

"Dear Bob, I just completed a few days of calls with the sales reps and you would be proud to hear of their progress. Our days are filled with activity and conversations that is a notch or two above our previous level of performance. Your program on Time and Territory Management is the reason we are at the higher level. Thanks for the help and assistance in motivating the reps. I have been to a lot of seminars, conducted some, and even formulated a couple. Yours is tops! Your style, delivery, and content made the program. They came back fired up and ready to hit the streets in a planned and organized manner. They attacked their territory in a better way, concentrating on the high potential accounts that will yield the best returns. Keep up the good work!!!! When we see the increase in our commission checks, we will think of your program and the help it gave us."

This unique sales training program will improve the way your salespeople sell for the rest of their working lives. During their life-time, it will be worth thousands, maybe even millions of dollars in new sales! You will not find this course from any other Sales Training company. Its fruition is a combination of my extensive research and successful experience as a territorial salesperson, plus 20 years of experience as a sales training manager and marketing executive in the high-tech industry. Please contact me to learn more or request a ‘Quick Quote’:

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