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Posted August 11th, 2021

A long time ago when I began my sales training career I interviewed a very successful VP of Sales from a Fortune 100 high-tech company to get his input on qualification, classification, and other strategic selling techniques. I never forgot what he told me. He said, “Kid, salespeople want good selling tools but they need to be easy-to-use, quick and accurate else they won’t use them!” That advice sent me back to the drawing board with a new outlook and sharper focus on what I needed to develop. Over the years, as I developed my sales training courses I always kept that valuable advice foremost in mind. Having been a territorial salesperson with more than 250 accounts, I totally understood what he was telling me. Salespeople want and need good selling tools but they are so busy they don’t have time to figure out how to use complicated processes and techniques that do not deliver immediate results. They’re under constant pressure to win new business per day, week, quarter and year and they cannot afford to get side-tracked or take chances on anything they don’t understand or see immediate value in. I’ve learned that amazing things happen in companies when salespeople smell opportunities so you can’t bog them down with hard-to-use, long and drawn out, uncertain activities that get them frustrated. That is why I developed 21st Century Selling Skills which includes my Territorial Development and Management (TDM) sales training program. This  program uses research-based, easy-to-use, quick and accurate selling techniques to show salespeople how to immediately maximize time, effort and resources with accounts in their territory that have the greatest real sales potential for their products. The entire TDM program can be tailored to your products and target accounts. Please check out the performance objectives for TDM and the benefits it will deliver to your company and contact me for a ‘Quick Quote’:

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21st Century Selling Skills Learn how to maximize time and effort with accounts in your territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products