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Posted August 23rd, 2021

Salespeople need to learn a lot of information from many different sources quickly to be successful. This would be much easier if they were trained how to use their ‘whole brain’ to separate what’s important from what’s not important and how to effectively store that information in their long-term memory and recall it at critical times during the sales cycle. This research was performed at CalTech in the 1970’s by Dr. Roger Sperry who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1981 for his work with the human brain. Some of the different kinds of important information salespeople need to learn to build value, bring down cost objections and win new business are your:


PRODUCTS: features and benefits of your products and how they translate into quality solutions to known customer needs and objectives, customer testimonials, product collateral, analyst research and reports, compatibility issues, warranty’s and guarantees


COMPANY: history, accomplishments, milestones, industry awards and recognition, executive team experience and support, efficient transaction processes, account management programs, industry standards and compatibilities, customer service support, demonstrated viability


CUSTOMERS: demographics, purchasing procedures, installed base, major decision-makers, priority business needs, corporate structure, past revenues, future goals and objectives


COMPETITION: product features and benefits, advantages and disadvantages, history and industry reputation, pricing and promotions, product life-cycles and technology, annual reports


MARKET TRENDS: analyst reports, market potential, industry leaders, future expectations and predictions, quality rankings, product demand, innovative technologies, acquisitions and mergers


TERRITORY: contacting and qualifying accounts, classification of accounts based on Expected Value, geographical distribution of key accounts, setting up call cycles, determining routing patterns, identification of best-selling opportunities, management and maximization of corporate resources


To perform the above selling tasks effectively, salespeople need to move important information from their primary memory into their secondary (long-term) memory which takes about 3-5 seconds, according to the neuroscientists. These learning skills can be developed quickly and will improve the way your salespeople sell for the rest of their working lives. Time–tested and proven effective for more than 80 years, these SQ3R research-based literacy skills could be worth thousands, even millions of dollars, to your salespeople during their selling career. If you are interested in strengthening your salespeople’s memory skills this proprietary sales training program will accomplish that goal for you. Please check out our website and contact us for a ‘Quick Quote’:

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