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Posted September 1st, 2021

Are your salespeople equipped with the ‘analytical skills’ they need to accurately determine which accounts in their territory have the greatest real sales potential for your products and services? These selling skills are not taught in college and include:


·      Qualifying accounts using EXPECTED VALUE (EV), not Sales Potential (SP), for reasonable dollar values. Expected Value is more accurate because it factors in the ‘Probability of Winning (PF)’ the Sales Potential. In other words: EV=PF x SP


·      Classification of accounts with reasonable ‘DOLLAR VOLUME LIMITS’ that enable them to set up call cycles based on the location of key accounts to insure maximum coverage of their best prospects in the territory.


·      Elimination of the 6 most common ‘HIGH-OPPORTUNITY COST ACTIVITIES’ that rob salespeople of sales throughout the year.


·      How to use the ‘FEATURES AND BENEFITS’ of your products to present complete solutions to known customer needs? Customer needs fall into seven major categories with specific objectives in each.


·      Exceeding quota by keeping their sales pipeline full with big qualified prospects that have SHORT SALES CYCLES?


·      Using the PRICE/VALUE formula to overcome the most common objections salespeople hear on a regular basis which are ‘your price is too high’ and ‘your products cost too much’. Salespeople need to know how to effectively handle this objection to get to the next step in the sales cycle and win business.


These skills need to be learned and developed in the field from experienced and successful salespeople that have refined and sharpened these methods during the past 70 years. As a former territorial salesperson in a very competitive industry and experienced Sales Training Manager in high-tech for 15 years, I have put them all, plus more, in my proprietary sales training program called 21st Century Selling Skills and we can tailor the presentation to your salespeople, products, and industry. Please check out my courses and contact me with questions or request a ‘Quick Quote’:

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Analytical Skills Essential to Successful Salesmanship

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